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Singer's Workout Vocal Exercises Warm-Up Cd's
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Vocal Warm-Up CD's

The Singer's Workout Vocal Exercises Warm-Up Cd's

Every major artist warms up before singing. Do you? Well now you can. On the Way to a performance or at home – pop in this CD to warm-up your voice. You’ll be amazed at your improvement. Whether you're out to perform in a bar or auditorium inside a blackpool hotel or just to sing in front of your friends, this exercise can do wonders to your voice. A supplement to “The Singer’s Workout” Video lesson, “The Singer’s Workout cassette uses exercises professional singing artist’s use. You’ll have a half-hour of stretching vocal exercises to help you sing with greater ease and enjoyment. The Singer’s Workout warm-up exercises will give you the added edge you need to sing your best. Available in Soprano, Alto, Bass, and Tenor. (30 Minutes)

Soprano Voice
Alto Voice
Tenor Voice
Bass Voice


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