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What People are saying about Buddy Mix's Rythms of the Moon:

Incomparable, professional work!
Great! Very professional work! I'd like to point to great lead vocal, arrangement, perfect piano work. Well thought-out lyrics. I really can't find any imperfections in your work. Just great! Worthy five points. I wish you good luck!
- the_Miracle from N.N., France on 17Aug2006

The "Piano Man" Lives!
Great piano playing. Billy Joel comes to mind immediately. It reminds of the song, "NY State of Mind." The same goes for that great sax which makes it sound even more like Billy Joel. I'm not sure what the lyrics are about on first listening. The lead vocalist and the song itself is well suited for a cabaret performance. Very talented instrumentalists here!
- Turfseer from New York City, New York on 8Aug2006
Billy Joel meets Neil Diamond
powerful vocal phrasing backed by excellent piano playing and a swinging bass line. Lyrics are very well constructed and mixed perfectly. Awesome sax line!
- Rockinr from Prescott Valley, Arizona on 27Aug2006
wow. this guy's a piano player. im in some smokey bar. with those greasy guys dipping into jars of whiskey and knocking ashes off their lazy cigars. chicks prowl around. and there in the smoke mist is the piano player in the shaft of light. a standup next to him with a smoothly rolling sax closeby. this is good. im drunk already. and im all bluesed out and i love the brushes on the snare. this is real good. lots of luck!!!!!!!!!!
- Havlasa from Praha, American Samoa, Czech Republic on 6Aug2006
I like Crooners!
This is a very refreshing change-of-pace for I really like the crooning on this song. The vocalist has a very nice and distinctive voice. The lyrics are rather elegant. I visualize Boz Scaggs, Joe Jackson, and Harry Connick, Jr. (I don't mean this as a putdown; I think all those guys are pretty good).
- JounceKuda from Leaksville, North Carolina on 1Aug2006
david bowie
you know the begining of david boy's 'TIME'. plus it reminds me of the commitments. brings me vissions of a wintery new-york and there's nowhere else in the world better to spend the night than a jazz club in new york in the winter. good work guys, I feel you.
- OO@339452~Grey_music from Tel-Aviv, Israel on 3Aug2006
Swing a Ling .......
The piano at the beginning of the song is brilliant and professionally done.A bit of Soul and Nina Simone.The Lead vocals are Great.I like the voice of the singer and his swinging mood.The Lyrics are eloquent and nice.But Who do you sound like ? Maybe a bit Lionel Ritchie (Sorry I dont know how he is written!)meets Nina Simone,Ella Fitzgerald Meets Faith No More......But It is a great song..Good Luck .....
- silverrockets from Kleve, Nrw, Germany on 22Jul2006
Wicked Piano
This song has some wicked piano playing. The lyrics are very good and the lead vocalist has a george michael thing going on. I think the mix needs to be looked at. The horns work really well. This song could be really really good with a little better mix.
- Noelmuzik from Stamford, Connecticut on 26Aug2006
Great sound.
This is the first song where I listened to more than three minutes before reviewing it. The lead vocals are captivating. The lyrics are great. The song sounds like something I can expect Elton John to sing.
- Doni64 from Bronx, New York on 19Aug2006
The Piano Work is pretty Amazing
Who do you sound like? Supertramp, Gregg Lake from ELP, some other jazzy thing. This is not pop by the way,Also its a bit cliche sounding though the jazziness and intensity help make up for that. Whats with all the reverb, production is kind of funny. Maybe if this was produced completley different I would like it more.
- stringrrl from Syosset, New York on 29Jul2006
"Great Arrangement"
I liked this jazzy tune a lot. Musically it's a super tune, with all the cool components. Piano, sax, and a cool rhythm. Powerful vocals can carry this type of tune and does so. Lyrics are sound. Love the sax interlude at the break. Nice dynamics bringing it back down afterwards. This jazzy genre is well suited for this singer. Nice job ! Wonderful music.
- CooL609 from Hackensack, New Jersey on 19Jul2006
smooth and professional
Smooth jazz-influenced pop-song written and performed completely professional. I especially like the piano and the interaction between the sax and the vocalist. Good.
- maxradio from Schweinfurt, Franconia, Germany on 26Jul2006
Beautiful Piano/Soul
I find the vocal ability is very strong and powerful although rather affected.It seems unatural at times, but the range is good. I suspect that you have been trained at one time, if not currently. If not, get some vocal training. It can transform a singer from good to great bearing in mind that you find a great teacher. I would tend to guess you are a theatrical performer or have been in the past with your Broadway belt. I think instrumentally the mood has been nailed although I find the sax tone a little biting and I'm tweaked a little by the pitch. Who do you sound like? I hear Billy Joel, Dennis DeYoung, Don Henley and Broadway. Overall, one of the best vocalists I've heard featuring emotion, range, control and training.
- xgrinder from New York on 1Aug2006
Show tunes
The vocals are great and the sax is great, and the lyrics are good, and the other musicians are great, but this is not Pop music. This is more like musical theatre or show tune type stuff. So while it is quality I think it is misplaced in the Pop genre. Reviewing it as a Pop song then I'd have to say that the production, the arrangement, the sax, etc, are not current to 'the sound' of today. Good luck.
- wushu from Toms River, New Jersey on 21Jul2006
Greate vocals
The vocals on this song is very good. The EQ settings of the while could have been a little different though.Maybe a brighter and more distingtive sound would match better. When I listened to the song, the first that popped into my mind was George Michael. Good song.. keep it up.
- Lind from Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway on 20Jul2006









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