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Starlight Productions was founded in 1985 by Buddy Mix and Eric Walker. The company later evoled into a singing products company a few years later with the first How to Sing Video available on the market entitled "Enter the Vocal Zone" created by Buddy Mix.

Buddy later went on to produce a number of How to Guides and became well known in the early 90's as the lounge wizard and was featured in many news publications such as the Los Angeles Times, Music Connection to name a few. Buddy taught everyone from the CEO'S of Companies to the Housewifves on how to get up in front of a audience and sing from the heart. Starlight Productions and Buddy Mix are not only pioneers in the special interest video how to sing market, but also how to survive and get noticed within the music industry. A almost 20 year history proves you have come to the right place and need to go nowhere else.

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Starlight Productions
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Singers Workout DVD/Video
Street Business of Music
Singer's Workout Vocal Exercises Warm-Up Cd's
Buddy Mix Rythms of The Moon CD
A Little Meditation The Musical CD
Christina Drozda: Journey into the land of Meditation CD
Singer's Equipmenet Survival Guide by Brad Chapman
"We The People" Patriotic Songs By Buddy Mix
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